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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Oklahoma. It’s The Place To Be…For Burgers

We took a day off and went out exploring part of Oklahoma. We’d been to Oklahoma on several occasions, but we’d never taken the boys to the State Capitol so, we loaded up the car and drove the almost four hours from where we were staying so we could officially check Oklahoma off of our … Continue reading »

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Pizza Roundup Double Daves

Double Dave’s is a fantastic pizza place in Texas that we always went to when we were hungry for pizza. Double Dave’s has good service, awesome pizza, clean bathrooms, a pizza buffet, and Cool decorations. Double Dave’s has great dessert pizza! They’ve got chocolate chip and cinnamon. My favorite pizza there is a thin crust, … Continue reading »

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Hey Guys!! We spent three weeks back in our old stomping grounds. It was really weird being in familiar surroundings after a year of moving to a new city every week or two. Why did we go back to the Houston area when our 50 state exploration isn’t done? We have friends in the area … Continue reading »

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Austin, TX

Hey Guys! So, we spent a week in Austin…but we really didn’t do much at all. We stayed in a great little state park and didn’t even get any hiking in. I guess that’s what happens when three out of the five of us were sick or injured. We had an allergy issue, a cold, … Continue reading »

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Fredericksburg, TX

Guten Tag! Willkommen to Fredericksburg! Sprechen Sie Deutsch? The language the German settlers brought with them to this area back in the 1800s can still be heard and seen in most of the signs and buildings around town and if you listen carefully, you can even hear it when you listen to the locals. The … Continue reading »

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