America’s Historic Triangle

Located in Virginia: Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown are known as America’s Historic Triangle. We spent two weeks here, but really only scratched the surface of what there is to see and do.


We started at the Yorktown Battlefield where we learned about the final major battle of the American Revolution.


The boys loved it. They got to hear a canon being fired not once, but several times during our visit.

I thought y’all might want to see the cannon fire and hear how loud it was.


If you head into the Visitor Center, you can see the Witness Cannon they have on display. What’s a Witness Cannon? It’s a cannon that was actually at the battle. It’s genuine. You need to say that last part in your best Southern accent. Really dawl it out and add a few syllables.


You can even see where a cannonball hit it.


We love the battlefield auto tours so we grabbed one in the Visitor Center and headed out to see the battlefield. There were a few other families out doing the tour, but not many.

The countryside in Virginia is beautiful. We really enjoyed our time in Virginia. It’s nice to get back to the Southern hospitality.


Historic Jamestown was next on our list. This is the site of America’s first permanent English settlement. You don’t really get to see anything that was there. It’s all buried to keep it protected. But they’ve built a few structures to give guests an idea of what it might have looked like. It was neat to be there…but I think next time we’ll check out the Jamestown Settlement, which is the State Park version of the one we went to.


The last place we went was Williamsburg. We had some good friends fly all the way from Texas to Virginia to visit with us and they went with us to Jamestown and Williamsburg.


We toured the Governor’s Palace where we got to see how the king’s representative lived.


The whole house was impressive, but I liked the entrance the best. Check out all of those weapons!


All of the weapons were on display not only to show wealth and intimidate, but also to keep them in easy reach when needed. Can you imagine having to keep all of those polished and cleaned?


All of the bright colors surprised me. The photo above was in the ballroom. The rug was rolled up and stored to the side anytime dancing happened.


I’m happy to report none of us got lost in the maze! It was close…I’m soooo bad at these things.


Some of my favorite things about Williamsburg were all of the artisans. We got to roam around and poke our heads into the many wonderful period era shops.


Most of the historic interpreters did a good job of staying in character without making it weird or awkward.


Littlest and The Dude were kind enough to demonstrate the pillory for us. I may or may not have taken my time getting this picture. ha!


One of the highlights of the whole two weeks was the tour through the capitol building at Williamsburg. Our tour guide was amazing! She was knowledgeable, entertaining and came across as genuinely passionate. If all history lessons were as good as hers I would’ve done so much better in school.


We had to check out the jail. The one above was a bit morbid with the coffin in it. See the steps on the right side of the picture? That’s the toilet.


We were close to Richmond, VA so we took the opportunity to see the VA State Capitol Building.


The VA State Capitol Building was a nice surprise. From the outside you can’t see the dome…but, surprise! There’s a dome!

We had a great time in Williamsburg. We will definitely be back to visit VA again.

See y’all down the road!!


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Pizza Roundup 2 Wives pizzeria

For my fellow pizza lovers, I bring to you a pizza post from 2 Wives pizzeria in New London, Connecticut.


2 Wives is a really good pizzeria with tasty pizza, and the crust is like bread sticks!   img_5776

The service there is good and the staff are nice, even better, they have a great selection and dairy free cheese.


The decor was ok and the bathrooms were clean so in all that, I give 2 Wives Pizzeria a 5 star review.

See ya next time on…

Pizza Street!!

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Washington DC

Hey Guys!! We spent one week in the DC area and it wasn’t nearly long enough. We had four very crazy, very full, very looonngggg days where we ventured into the DC area and we still didn’t get everything on our list done.


We somehow managed to snag tickets for the White House tour. We heard we were one of only five Texas families since February 2016 that’s been approved.


We got to look through some of the rooms that I’m pretty sure aren’t really used much anymore.


Several of the rooms had a color theme. Can you guess the name of the room above?


There were Secret Servicemen everywhere. Most of them were super nice and full of all kinds of info. We asked them all the questions we could think to ask. From how many colors of green were in the Green Room to how heavy the chandeliers are in the photo above.


Caught this view out one of the White House windows. Not bad, right?


I’m pretty sure they set this up as a photo opp…but it’s a good one.


And check out this piano! Gorgeous!!!


The very first thing we did in the area was visit the zoo. Littlest is panda crazy and has been looking forward to seeing a real, live panda in person all summer.


He was in heaven. We met an old friend of ours and her family at the zoo. *waves at Kiki & family* We got to catch up while the kids all watched the animals.


We stayed at an RV park not too far from DC. They have an orientation about how to get around the area. It was super helpful. We used these two maps the whole time. We never had to actually drive into the DC area. We always utilized the Metro system.


One of the experiences we missed out on in NYC was the subway system. The boys were curious about it and wanting to ride it, but we just didn’t get to do it. So, while we were in DC we rode the Metro often. The first ride was pretty exciting for them.


For those of you wondering what it looks like. Here’s one of the Metro stops.


We found a few foodies… This is a Banana Fosters Shake. It was fantastic! So good!!


And we found a great little hole-in-the-wall Salvadoran place. It too was just fantastic!!


We hit all of the memorials that we could. This is the WWII Memorial.imgp6993

We had to snag a picture by the Texas post.


Thomas Jefferson Memorial


Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial


Lincoln Memorial. We actually got a decent picture of the boys here without tons of other people in the shot. I think there were roughly a thousand or so people there at the same time we were trying to get the Junior Ranger stuff done.


Korean War Memorial


The Washington Monument was closed while we were there. Something to do with the elevators. We still enjoyed seeing it.


Vietnam War Memorial.


Iwo Jima Memorial.


We found the National Cathedral. It was gorgeous. I love all of the angles and spires around it.


We made it to the Arlington National Cemetery.


It’s a lovely place full of quiet reverence.


We spent several hours here walking around.

imgp7056 We watched the changing of the guard before we left. It changed us all. You can’t watch something like that and not be changed. The boys still bring it up in conversation every so often.


We made it to the Maryland State House!


The dome was ok…


It had some pretty stained glass.


We found the reddest room in the world. If it’s not official it should be. The walls were red velvet.


The Maryland State House is where George Washington resigned from the military.


There was a neat little museum on the first floor. The area around the building was pretty neat too! We enjoyed this one.


We even managed to get in a tour of the Nation’s Capitol Building! We wanted a complete set…


Did you know that if you contact your State Rep that they will set up a private tour for you so you don’t have to wait in the long lines? And you get to go into the tunnels that connect the Capitol Complex. It was pretty cool.


I want y’all to know I got in trouble taking this picture for y’all. Apparently you’re not supposed to stop in the center and lay your phone down on the ground while you’re at the Nation’s Capitol. I thought for a minute I was going to get kicked out. I made sure to snap the picture before getting up though. I mean, I was already there…and in trouble…might as well get the shot.


 Each state gets to have two statues in the building. So…there are statues sitting everywhere. It’s kind of weird.


Our tour guide showed us the Whispering Spot where John Quincy Adams used to have his desk in the room in the photo above this one. We stood over this spot and our guide stood way over across the room and whispered. And we heard him! It was the coolest thing!


This is the old Senate Chambers. It used to have wooden floors. Notice the spittoon. They were everywhere! According to our guide all of the Senators used to chew tobacco and instead of using the spittoons they would just spit on the floor. It became so gross that if you dropped anything at all you just left it. And instead of stopping or using the spittoons they would just rip out the wooden floor every so often and replace it. Talk about a waist of money. Sheesh. Can you even imagine the smell this room most have had??? Bleh!!!


We found a few pretties…


Not too many. It was late in the season.


We walked a lot in the four days we were in DC. Sometimes it pays to be the Littlest.

See y’all down the road!


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Pizza Roundup Dans Place

For my fellow pizza lovers, I have another pizza post for you.


I have a post about Dan’s Place, in Rhode Island.


Dan’s Place has tasty pizza and


sandwiches and burgers but, I will be honest, don’t get the Chinese Szechuan sauce. It tastes like sweet corn syrup.


They have calzones on the menu as well.

The staff were all nice. There were a few problems with our order and our waiter fixed them all immediately with no trouble. The restrooms were clean.

This place gets a total of 4 stars review.

See you next time on…

Pizza Street!!

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Foodies, Friends, and Forts

We stayed in South New Jersey for a week so we could see the Delaware State Capitol Building. We struggled with connectivity here too.


The Delaware State Capitol Building looks more like a building you might find on a small University campus somewhere.


It’s very small and sparsely decorated.


It didn’t take us long to stroll through the entire building.


Right across the street from the Capitol Building is this really cool Compass Rose. It took us longer to look at this than it did the building itself.


 The plan was to visit Fort Delaware, but when we got to the ferry crossing we discovered Fort Mott. We also discovered that we’d just missed the ferry and would have to wait an hour or so for the next one. Bummer.


So, we strolled around Fort Mott. It’s a pretty neat fort.


There were some great info signs and some great views…but it was super hot and the boys were starting to make some noise about eating so we left before we got to see Fort Delaware.

img_6013The best thing about this stay was meeting up with my friend Nicole and her family for some burgers! *waves at Nicole* Nicole and I have been Facebook friends for over ten years, but we’d never met face-to-face. It was so fun to finally get to sit and chat with her!!


We had some great burgers at a place called Burger 21.


And…I found my new ice cream obsession. Crème Brûlée Shake.

So. Stinkin’. Good!!


We also found a really good Mexican place! We were so shocked! Y’all know we’ve been to our fare share of unfortunate Mexican restaurants. We really don’t even try them anymore, but we were wanting something spicy so we threw caution to the wind and tried one. We were not disappointed!

See y’all down the road!!


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Pizza Roundup Pizza Boy

To my fellow pizza lovers, I bring to you a post about Pizza Boy in East Wareham, MA.


Pizza Boy is a tasty pizza place with


more than pizza, they have salads,


roast beef, pasta,


calzones and wraps.


The staff are nice and the food is good, they also have clean restrooms. They have a variety of pizza that includes a chicken bacon ranch pizza, but I just got the classic pepperoni pizza.

The tables and chairs could have been a little cleaner and there wasn’t any air conditioning. It was very hot!

All in all I will give Pizza Boy a 3.5 star review because of how hot it was and the fact we had to clean our table.

See you next time on…

Pizza Street!!

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We spent one week in Connecticut.


The State Capitol Building is impressive.


The dome was beautiful. You know I’m a sucker for a good dome. I love this one!


The architecture was interesting. I’m also a sucker for a good staircase.


There were stained glass windows and richly painted walls.


It’s called the Charter Oak Chair. Our tour guide called it The Wish Chair. The boys all sat in it and made a wish…There’s a story behind it and please forgive me, but I don’t remember it well enough to tell you. I struggled with connectivity issues so several weeks have passed since we were there. I’m sure you could find the story online if you’re so inclined.


The CT State Capitol Building made it to our top ten.


We caught the blue onion dome on our way out of Hartford. We didn’t really stop or get out of the car because it wasn’t in a safe neighborhood.

imgp6774The only other thing we did in CT was visit Gillette State Park to see the “castle”.


We enjoyed touring this castle just as much as we did the Newport Mansions. They had nothing in common.


The castle had a very rustic feel. There were 42 doors and all of them were different. The light switches were carved from wood.


If you look closely, you’ll notice the chair is on rails to keep from scratching the floor.


There was even a library. Sadly, they had to add the wooden bars in front of the books because people kept trying to walk off with them.


Gillette loved trains so much he built his own train depot and track on his property.


You might recognize Gillette’s name if you’re a Sherlock fan. William Hooker Gillette was a play writer. Arthur Conan Doyle approached Gillette in the mid 1890s to see if he was interested in writing an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. Not only did Gillette write the play, he also stared in it as Holmes. Gillette gave the iconic character some of the symbols we’ve come to associate Sherlock Holmes with…the deerstalker cap, the pipe, and the catch phrase “Oh this is elementary, my dear fellow”. The phrase eventually developed into the “Elementary, my dear Watson” that we all know.

We didn’t do much in CT. We had zero cell service. And we didn’t really care for the RV park we stayed at. It was a long week of doing nothing and it kind of dragged by for us. I’m sure there are some very lovely and wonderful areas of CT, but we didn’t stay near them.

See y’all down the road!


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Pizza Roundup Angelos Pizzeria

To my fellow pizza lovers I give you a post in Angelos Pizzeria. Angelos Pizzeria is a pretty good pizza place in Ellsworth, ME.


Angelos Pizzeria has nice staff, clean bathroom and tasty food. Angelos has more than just pizza,


they also have calzones and


steak sandwiches and salads and pasta and bread sticks. Sadly we didn’t get any bread sticks, but I imagine they are good.

Angelo’s Pizzeria definitely deserves a 5 star review.

See you next time on…

Pizza Street!!

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Newport Rhode Island

We spent one very long, very busy week in the Newport area of Rhode Island. This post is going to be picture heavy. I tried to scale it down, but honestly, I could do a separate post for each of the Newport Mansions. I don’t have time to do that though, so y’all will just have to go visit them. Pictures don’t do these mansions justice anyway. To fully appreciate them in all their grandeur you really must visit them. We ended up getting a one year membership to the Newport Mansions. If you can believe it…it was cheaper for a family of five to get a membership and have access to all eleven locations vs. paying for a bundle or buying tickets at each location.

I really struggled with getting decent shots of the insides of the mansions. The lighting was bad and I’m not experienced with shooting rooms like this. Sorry…I tried.


 We started at The Elms. Built in 1901, the house was  completely “modern” and had all of the technological advances of the time.


I should mention now that all of the Newport Mansions were considered summer cottages. They were used five to six weeks out of the year.


One of my favorite things to see on the tours were the vanity tables. I love seeing all of the old brushes and combs…everything they thought was necessary to be presentable.


Don’t forget The Elms had all of the modern day technologies of the time…check out the bathroom. No outhouses for these guys.


This is the china closet.

The tours are really well done. They’re all self-guided…kind of. When you enter the “summer cottage” you’re given an audio tour with headphones that guides you through the house. You get to hear about what’s in each room…little stories about the people who lived there…and even some about the people who worked there. At The Elms there’s even a separate tour you can take called Servant Life Tour. I’ll come back just for that and to go through all the mansions again.


The other part of the tour that always fascinated me was the kitchen. Check out that mortar and pestle sitting on the table. It’s hard to judge just how big they are, but you can kind of see a few bowls next to them. And check out those copper pots!! They’ve got spigots on them!


One of the themes we heard in several of the mansions was that “the mansion ran like magic”. You weren’t supposed to see how the place was cleaned or how the supplies got there. You weren’t supposed to see any of the servants except the male butlers. The Elms took it so far as to hide the entrance to where all the deliveries were made.


I somehow missed getting a decent shot of the front of The Elms…but here’s what the back looks like.


The next mansion we toured was The Breakers, built in 1895


The Breakers is just one of the Vanderbilt’s summer homes. Some of the best things about the audio tours were all of the stories about the inhabitants. The Vanderbilt Family was just that…a family. We heard stories about the kids sliding down the staircases on serving trays. In fact, it wasn’t just the kids that did that. Apparently, they would have parties and everyone would take a turn sliding down the stairs.


There are 70 rooms at The Breakers.


This is the ceiling of the room in the picture above this one. There were so many great details.


I had to share these wall panels with y’all. They’re platinum leaf…so they’ll always be shiny. Platinum. You know…just because they can.


The gardens of The Breakers were all just as showy. I took way too many pictures here. Each house really could have its own post. I’m not even scratching the surface with what we saw here.


The saddest story we heard was at The Rosecliff.


The Rosecliff was built in 1902 by Tessie Oelrich who was a silver heiress. They were considered new money.


Tessie was very into the social scene in Newport and was considered “one of the three great hostesses” in the area. She loved a good party, but as time went on the other big families in Newport moved on. Tessie couldn’t quite let go of her Gilded Age life and stayed. In her later years, Tessie would wander through the empty rooms “serving guests” and encouraging them to have “just one more drink”.

The Rosecliff has been in several movies. You might recognize it from the 1974 Great Gatsby.


I love the view from Rosecliff.


Chateau-sur-Mer belonged to the Wetmore family and was built in 1852.


I love all of the painting in this house. The walls weren’t just decorated with wallpaper…they were artistically painted.


The ceiling in one of the rooms is carved solid wood. Not plaster painted to look like wood…but actual wood. I loved it!


The dinning room had leather wallpaper that was stretched smooth and painted.


Here’s a closer look at the leather wallpaper. It’s starting to crack with age. But can you imagine the effect it had back when it was new? Go back and look at the previous picture. The dinning room had a fireplace and was only lit with candles. They would put  mirrored partitions in front of the doors to reflect the light and pull the curtains closed. With the shine of the leather…I bet it was magical.


Check out all of those different brushes!

Chateau-sur-Mer was the only mansion that didn’t have an audio tour. We had a guided tour here.


The boys’ favorite thing was the European Weeping Beech. They declared it fort worthy. It was pretty awesome.


Here’s what the whole tree looked like.


The last mansion we went through was The Marble House. It was built in 1892 to be the “ultimate statement of Gilded Age privilege”.


This is the Gothic Room it was built to display the Vanderbilt’s Gothic art collection.


The ceiling in the Gothic room. I never really paid attention to ceilings before doing the Newport Mansion tours, but the ceilings in these “summer cottages” were just as detailed and amazing as the rest of the room.


Because we all need a fresco above our dinning room table. You know, it was kind of funny to hear how much work it was to summer in Newport for these families. They were expected to be seen doing specific things at the right time of the day, each day, wearing the appropriate attire…which meant changing clothes five or six times a day. And then there were the parties they had to attend. They had zero time to do what they really wanted to do.

And then we would hear how all of those dresses they wore (five or more a day) would have to have the buttons cut off  before they were washed (to protect the button and the garment) only to be hand sewn back on. Have you seen how many teeny tiny buttons used to be on those dresses? I can’t imagine being a seamstresses for the household.


The stairs up to the servants area of the house. The family would never go to the servant area. It was considered taboo.


The Marble House got it’s name from the 500K cubic feet of marble it’s made of.


We did make it to Providence, RI to see the State Capitol Building!


The dome was being worked on so…I really don’t know what it looked like.


They did have the best library we’ve seen in a state capitol building though!


We also snuck in a tour of Fort Adams.


We got to go into the ruins and hear stories about what life was like there.


They even led us up to the top of the fort where we had a great view!


But the best part was going down into the listening tunnels! I know the picture is a little blurry…we were trying not to be left behind in the pitch dark tunnels that broke off and went in every direction.


It was completely cramped, dark, wet, and you could have easily gotten lost….it was totally awesome.


And for those brave enough to venture in…they were rewarded with a sticker.


We even managed to see a lighthouse! It was one jam-packed week!!


There were some pretties…


we always make time to stop and smell the flowers no matter how busy we are.


Just watch out for the bees.

See y’all down the road!


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Pizza Roundup Constantly Pizza

To my fellow pizza lovers, I bring to you another tasty pizza post.


Constantly Pizza in New Hampshire is a very good pizza place and has a large selection of tasty looking desserts, and even better, excellent pizza.


At Constantly Pizza you can find calzones, subs, Pizza and you remember the large variety of desserts I told you about?



Well they have gigantic Lobster Tails! And they’re soooo good.


Constantly Pizza has decent decor and nice staff, with clean bathrooms. With all that I give Constantly Pizza a 5 star review.

See you next time on…

Pizza Street!!

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