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Huckleberry Valley and the Hoodoos…

Posted by on July 9, 2015

Sooo…today we drove from Three Forks, MT to Shelby, MT to stay overnight on our way to Canada! The drive between Helena and Great Falls was absolutely gorgeous!


The road was cut right through the mountain range and it was really cool! In the picture above you can see a bridge we went over.


We crossed over the Missouri River several times. There were quite a few people out enjoying the beautiful weather and can you blame them? This area is breathtakingly gorgeous!

On to the Hoodoos…I can’t remember where I found this place. It was during one of my many research stints…and really it was just a mere mention and a photo. It took us a couple of hours on the computer using Google Maps to actually find it and then figure out how to get there. So, today we got to Shelby early enough to make the 45 min drive out to the middle of no where to see if what we worked so hard to find was actually worth it.

We drove for awhile on a dirt road that turned so narrow it looked more like someone’s driveway. We got a little nervous thinking maybe we were trespassing, but we kept going…turned a corner…and found this…


And the Oooos and ahhhhs started. We got out of the car and started exploring.


We had the whole place to ourselves, but there were signs of some heavy partying. Glass shards and tin cans were everywhere. It’s such a shame people go to these places and feel like they have to trash them.

IMGP1951The rock formations in the picture above are called hoodoos. These are some of the smaller ones.


They were really fantastic! We could have spent several hours picking our way through them!

IMGP1954Yes, yes…I know…it’s a weed, but it’s so gosh darn purty!! I couldn’t resist.

IMGP1964The boys in a small arch we found.

IMGP1969And this is Huckleberry Valley. I didn’t see any huckleberrys…I don’t know why it’s called that…

We had a great time exploring on our last afternoon in the Lower 48 for awhile. Tomorrow we head to Canada and make our way to Alaska!

See y’all on the road!


4 Responses to Huckleberry Valley and the Hoodoos…

  1. Claudia

    Those pictures are beautiful!

  2. Becky Simpson

    Such interesting rock formations, beautiful sights. I like weeds too…. 🙂

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