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Wildlife Watch

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is harsh and unforgiving and isn’t apologetic about it at all. If you want someplace soft, lush, or easy, this is not the park for you. But, if you’re into adventure, you want some fantastic views that you have to work to get to, and you love a park that’s diverse…this … Continue reading »

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Wildlife Watch: Lost Dutchman State Park

We did a lot of hiking and exploring while we were in the Lost Dutchman area! We didn’t have to go far to see Wiley Coyote. This coyote was hanging around our campground. We heard a pack of them howling during the nights, but this one was not in a pack and was attacking cats … Continue reading »

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Wildlife Watch Grand Canyon

One of my favorite things about being outside is seeing all of the animals. Here are some of the wild animals we saw while visiting the Grand Canyon National Park. I’ll start with the squirrels because we saw so many of them. We saw 3 different species of squirrels Abert’s squirrel (we didn’t get a … Continue reading »

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