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Pizza Roundup Prospectors Pizzeria

Today let’s talk about the Prospector. The Prospector is a tasty pizza place in Denali, AK. There is a good selection of pastas, sandwiches, salads, and a huge variety of pizza on the menu. They have pizza for every taste and really good homemade rootbeer to drink. My parents got loaded fries for us to … Continue reading »

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Pizza Roundup Uncle Joe’s

Uncle Joe’s is a nice tasty pizza place in downtown Anchorage, AK. The decor was good, it looked like typical pizzeria. Nothing special. The pizza was great but they had more than just pizza! They had Calzone’s, gyro’s (my brother got the gyro and it wasn’t very big), and more. Uncle Joe’s had to share a … Continue reading »

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Pizza Round Up Fireweed

This time we are reviewing a good pizza place in Haines,AK named Fireweed. Fireweed has burgers, calzones, salads, seafood and pizza. Decor was cool but it was really crowded. The pizza was really good, but nothing special. Service was okay and it took forever to get in, get someones attention, and get out. The bathrooms … Continue reading »

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Alaska: Reflections from the Road

People call Alaska “The Last Frontier” and boy, they are not kidding. Everything from the locals to the wildlife in Alaska are rugged and wild. Our Alaskan summer is officially over and now that we’ve had time to reflect on everything that happened we thought we would do a review post for y’all. We’ve had several people … Continue reading »

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Fairbanks, AK Part Two

Fairbanks is different from all the other Alaskan towns we’ve been to. It’s not so touristy. There aren’t gift shops on every corner and there’s really not much to do. We did everything “touristy” in Fairbanks in one day. It was a full, long day, but not the longest we’ve had in Alaska. One of … Continue reading »

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Fairbanks, AK – The Good, The Bad, & The…Weird.

We started our Fairbanks visit off on…well, not the best foot. Y’all know I’m a planner. When we decided to do Alaska this summer, I mapped out and plotted the entire trip. I researched each place we were going to stay and then we made reservations. When I planned the Fairbanks portion of our trip … Continue reading »

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This post is picture heavy and long. I tried to weed out some of the pics, but when I’m talking about Denali National Park…it’s hard to choose which photos should be left out. I’ve been looking forward to Denali ever since we decided we were coming to Alaska. On the way to the Denali area from … Continue reading »

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Talkeetna, AK

Talkeetna is a tiny touristy town. We spent the first week in August there and enjoyed a relaxing week off from zipping all over the place to get everything done in the small amount of time we have. You see, there’s not a lot to do in Talkeetna. It reminds me of Eureka Springs, AR … Continue reading »

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Seward, AK

We spent two weeks in the Seward area. Using it as our basecamp for all the other places we wanted to visit on the Kenai Peninsula. We really enjoyed Seward! It was pretty small and definitely had plenty of touristy stuff, but it had a nice balance of non-touristy stuff too. There was a cute little boardwalk … Continue reading »

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Portage Valley, AK

Y’all know I’ve got my list of what is available to do in each place we will be going. On the way to Seward is the very small hamlet of Portage Valley. We didn’t think we were going to be able to do any of the activities I’d found in the Portage area because of time … Continue reading »

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