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State Park

America’s Dairyland

Hey Guys!! Welcome to Wisconsin! Where even the vending machines have cheese curds! We spent two very wet weeks in “America’s Dairyland”! Let’s get the foodie things out of the way. We went to the Carr Valley Factory Store where we learned how Carr Valley makes their cheeses. They actually make the cheese curds first … Continue reading »

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Lake Louisa State Park

Hey Guys!! We stayed at the Lake Louisa State Park in the Orlando area for one week. Guys…this park… There are three lakes that make up this park. There’s a beach on one of them with a swimming area. I’m not sure I would swim there…there are gator signs around, but there’s also a great … Continue reading »

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Foodies, Friends, and Forts

We stayed in South New Jersey for a week so we could see the Delaware State Capitol Building. We struggled with connectivity here too. The Delaware State Capitol Building looks more like a building you might find on a small University campus somewhere. It’s very small and sparsely decorated. It didn’t take us long to … Continue reading »

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We spent one week in Connecticut. The State Capitol Building is impressive. The dome was beautiful. You know I’m a sucker for a good dome. I love this one! The architecture was interesting. I’m also a sucker for a good staircase. There were stained glass windows and richly painted walls. It’s called the Charter Oak Chair. … Continue reading »

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Hampton Falls Area

We used Hampton Falls, NH as our base camp to explore the area. We spent two weeks in NH bouncing around between Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. I usually break these kinds of posts up, but I’m going to smash it all into one this time! Are you ready? We spent a day in Salem, … Continue reading »

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The Niagara Falls Area

We spent a week in the Niagara Falls area of New York. The weather was hit and miss…a few days it was more like summer, but mostly it was cool, windy, and rainy. Our RV park was only half an hour away from Buffalo…and since Jerl and the boys love wings so much…we had to have … Continue reading »

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Clifftop, WV

We were in Clifftop for almost two weeks. We stayed at Babcock State Park and it was wonderful! Our first day in the area was pretty cold and misty. We’d heard about the grist mill so we went to check it out. It’s a gorgeous area. We walked in thinking we would take a look … Continue reading »

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Springfield, IL

We’re making our way to the Eastern states for this year’s loop. There will be a few states that we just kind of skim through on the way there and Illinois is one of those skim states this year. We only stayed for a week and we only hit one city. Springfield. We do have … Continue reading »

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Fredericksburg, TX

Guten Tag! Willkommen to Fredericksburg! Sprechen Sie Deutsch? The language the German settlers brought with them to this area back in the 1800s can still be heard and seen in most of the signs and buildings around town and if you listen carefully, you can even hear it when you listen to the locals. The … Continue reading »

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We’d heard that there was going to be a snow storm the day we were supposed to drive down to Alamogordo, NM so we got started as early as we could and hoped for the best. We hadn’t driven but maybe an hour and we ran right smack dab into the front edge of a … Continue reading »

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