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State Park

Fredericksburg, TX

Guten Tag! Willkommen to Fredericksburg! Sprechen Sie Deutsch? The language the German settlers brought with them to this area back in the 1800s can still be heard and seen in most of the signs and buildings around town and if you listen carefully, you can even hear it when you listen to the locals. The … Continue reading »

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We’d heard that there was going to be a snow storm the day we were supposed to drive down to Alamogordo, NM so we got started as early as we could and hoped for the best. We hadn’t driven but maybe an hour and we ran right smack dab into the front edge of a … Continue reading »

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So Much Awesome

We spent two weeks in the Sedona/Verde Valley, AZ area and we get it now. We understand why people flock to this area. This area is a hiker’s dream. So many hikes…so little time! I think every cairn we saw had multiple hikes with arrows pointing you in the right direction. And then you’ve got … Continue reading »

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The Lost Dutchman State Park

The Lost Dutchman State Park is a 320 acre patch of paradise sitting near the base of the Superstition Mountains in the Sonoran Desert.  The Superstition Mountains got their name from Pima Indian legends. The Sonoran Desert is so different than the desert we found in Nevada. Far from the desolation of the Nevada desert, … Continue reading »

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Valley of Fire State Park

We spent a day visiting the Valley of Fire State Park while we were in the Las Vegas area. It was well over 100° the day we went. We’d planned on doing some hikes, but once we got there…it was just too hot so we stuck to the scenic road and saw as much as … Continue reading »

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Carson City, NV

We made it to Nevada! You can’t get much different from Alaska than Nevada. Where Alaska is cool, lush, and green, Nevada is a hot, desolate desert. We’re loving it! We stayed in Carson City for a week. There’s not much to do in this area but we wanted to hit the Capitol City and a … Continue reading »

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Talkeetna, AK

Talkeetna is a tiny touristy town. We spent the first week in August there and enjoyed a relaxing week off from zipping all over the place to get everything done in the small amount of time we have. You see, there’s not a lot to do in Talkeetna. It reminds me of Eureka Springs, AR … Continue reading »

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Madison Buffalo Jump State Park

Madison Buffalo Jump was used by numerous Native American tribes for about 2000 years. Young men called ‘runners’ were trained in speed and endurance. The ‘runners’ would wear buffalo, antelope, or wolf skins and cause entire herds of buffalo to stampede off the cliff. By using logs, the tribes would funnel the buffalo to certain … Continue reading »

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Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park

This is the sign that greets you at the beginning of the hike to the entrance of the Lewis & Clark Caverns cave entrance and let me tell you…it’s a doozy of a hike! You gain 300 vertical feet in less than a mile. Now, that might not sound like a big deal and to … Continue reading »

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Makoshika State Park

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Makoshika (muh-KOH’-shih-kuh) State Park! What we thought would be an hour activity ended up being an entire day of hiking, gumbo, and other worldly rock formations! It had rained in the area the entire day before we went to Makoshika. We knew we were in for some mud…but we … Continue reading »

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