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NH and ME State Capitol Buildings

Posted by on August 12, 2016

I’m combining the New Hampshire and Maine State Capitol Building posts.

We only spent a night in New Hampshire on our way through to Maine, but don’t worry…we’re going to be doing some more things in New Hampshire on our way back down the coast.


Yup, the dome is covered. Dang. I’m sure it’s a lovely dome. I heard that it’s covered in gold leaf.


It’s very basic inside. There are over 200 paintings throughout the building.


We didn’t take the tour at the Concord, New Hampshire State Capitol Building. It’s a very small building. The door to the Senate Gallery was open so we went in to have a look. The New Hampshire Senate is the fourth smallest state Senate with only 24 members.

IMGP4777So far, each of the New England states has had a Hall of Flags in their State Capitol Buildings. You can see some of the flags in the picture above in a display case.


I spotted these flowers on the corner across from the State Capitol Building and had to snap a picture. We did manage to squeeze in a pizza place in New Hampshire before we headed on down the road. I’ll let Littlest give you all the details about that though!


 Next stop was the Maine State Capitol Building!


The Maine State House was in line with the other New England Houses. Very basic. We saw another Hall of Flags, but all of these flags were replicas. The real ones were at a museum.


This was the first time we saw a porch at a State Capitol Building. According to the tour guide, it’s used often when the Senate and House are in session.


There was a dome and we actually got to see it! It’s…cream colored.


As the guide was walking us to the Senate Gallery, she warned us that we couldn’t touch the Senate chairs. That even the Senators weren’t allowed to touch another Senator’s chair. And she watched us like a hawk while we were in their. Jerl dared me to touch one on our way out. I may or may not have accidentally brushed against one of them. Maybe. Maybe not…


The RV park we stayed at while we were visiting Augusta, ME was right by the Kennebec River.


Mr. Man has been looking forward to the seafood offered in the North Eastern states. We stopped in at a local favorite called The Red Barn where your meal comes out and is all one color. You get the three Fs at The Red Barn…fried, fresh, fast! Guys…it was so good! We got the Mixed Seafood Baskets to share. Except Littlest. He had a burger. And then Jerl and I got a cup of the Seafood Stew to share. Oh! And I had to try the onion rings! We enjoyed it!

We’ll be in Maine for about a month, so we’ll definitely get to experience more of what Maine has to offer.

See y’all down the road!


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