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Homeschooling On The Road

Posted by on January 23, 2015

Every time someone finds out about our upcoming adventure one of the first questions they ask is about school. What will we do for the boys? Well, we’ll homeschool! Let me say right off the bat here…I’m not an expert on homeschooling. Not even a little bit. My two youngest boys have been homeschooling this year and it’s our first experience with it. Having said that, we are loving the homeschool life! It’s definitely for us!

There are a million different ways to homeschool and I’m not going to pretend to know about them all, so I’ll tell you what we’re doing and why we love it.

We’re using a really great program called Switched On Schoolhouse. It’s a computer based curriculum which means internet isn’t needed and…it also means there are no big bulky text books or workbooks to lug around. Every pound counts when you’re packing up your life into an RV. One of our favorite things about the SOS program is the science kit you can get that goes along with the curriculum you’re working with. It’s full of almost everything you need to do the experiments! I believe hands on learning is the best way to learn and these experiments and projects are just fabulous. The other thing that I love about the SOS program is the way it really does it all for you. You load it on your computer, tell it when you want your school year to start and end, add in any holiday you want off, hit enter and voilà your entire school year is planned and organized for you!

I was afraid the curriculum wouldn’t be hard enough. Yeah, I know, it’s a weird concern, but I worried the boys would get behind…that they wouldn’t have the right tools to get into the college/university they want to get into. After half a year with the program though, I’m not so worried anymore. The curriculum is top notch and to be honest, the boys have learned more in the first half of this school year than they learned all last year.

That’s about the extent of my homeschooling knowledge!

9 Responses to Homeschooling On The Road

  1. ralph


    • Jennie Simpson

      It’s going good!! We’re out in the middle of no where so there’s very little internet service or cell service so it’s been a challenge keeping in touch!

      • Vernon Hill

        Tell Jerl that he needs Geo Mobile! That should make him laugh, or cry! 🙂

  2. ralph

    hey girl, found you.

  3. Keri

    Hi Jennie,
    I know what you mean about “every pound counting”. Lol, until someone has lived the RV life, they will not understand how precious space is 😉 That’s why we also went 100% online with too (Time4Learning). Having everything at a touch of a button is so nice when you are roadschooling isn’t it? Anyways, just wanted to say that I am so glad I came across your blog. I am kinda new to this RV thing and I am trying to connect with as many other like-minded people as I can find. O’ and I also shared your blog on a Roadschooling group that I am a part of (Hope that is okay?) Here is their link incase you wanna check them out 🙂

    • Jennie Simpson

      Hey there Keri!
      Of course it’s okay that you shared our little blog! We appreciate that you felt it was worth sharing! There’s so much to learn about the RVing lifestyle! When we first came up with this idea of full-timing with kids we had no idea there were so many other families doing it. We really love the whole homeschool on the computer thing. It saves us so much space and weight! I’ll have to go check out the Roadschooling group! Welcome to the blog and thanks for commenting!

  4. Duane Myers

    Hey Jenny,
    I think this is pretty cool. I look forward to keeping up with your adventure! How do I get your blogs when you post? I found this one on Facebook. Will they all post that way?


    • Jennie Simpson

      Hey Duane!
      I’ve added a subscribe button to the blog…hopefully I did it correctly and you’ll receive an email notification when a new post goes up. I’ll also be sharing each post on Facebook!


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