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Tallahassee, FL

Hey Guys!! We spent a week in the Tallahassee area of Florida. The whole point of this stop was to see the State Capitol Building. The Old and the New Capitol Buildings are right next to each other in Tallahassee.  The Old one has a very pretty dome, but the New one doesn’t even have … Continue reading »

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Lake Louisa State Park

Hey Guys!! We stayed at the Lake Louisa State Park in the Orlando area for one week. Guys…this park… There are three lakes that make up this park. There’s a beach on one of them with a swimming area. I’m not sure I would swim there…there are gator signs around, but there’s also a great … Continue reading »

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Pizza Roundup, Flippers Pizzeria

To my fellow pizza lovers, I bring to you a post from Orlando, Fl. Flippers is a really, really good pizza place with amazing bread sticks and pizza! The bread sticks are smothered in garlic butter and is not horrible when you dip your pizza crust in it. The jalapenos are cut differently than others … Continue reading »

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The Keys For New Year’s Eve

We were sooo close to The Keys that we really didn’t want to miss checking them out, but we couldn’t stay long. We do have a schedule and in order to keep all of our doctoring appointments we could only spend two nights in The Keys. And…those nights happened to fall on New Year’s Eve. … Continue reading »

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South Miami, FL

We spent two weeks in the South Miami Florida area. This post is going to be a big one, guys! Our very first night in the area we decided we should try some Cuban food. Y’all know we love to try the local flavors. We found a spot called La Carreta. I kind of wish … Continue reading »

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Harry Potter And Some Other Stuff

Hey Guys!! I have a confession to make. I pretty much planned this whole loop so we would get to Universal Studios before Christmas Break started for most of the country. So, yeah…I planned this year around Harry Potter. There…I said it…it’s out there. Now let’s move on. I could do an entire post on … Continue reading »

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St. Augustine, FL

 Hey Guys! We spent one week in the St. Augustine area of Florida. This was our fist stop in the state! Bring on the warm weather! We had a ton of things on our to do list, but for some reason we had an off week. We only made it to two of those things … Continue reading »

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