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Atlanta, GA

We spent a week just south of Atlanta, GA. We made it to the State Capitol Building. It was impressive! Check out that golden dome with the Miss Freedom standing so proudly on top! And since we’re talking about the dome…I’ll go ahead and show you the inside of it. Now, my favorite domes have … Continue reading »

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Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is one of the country’s smallest National Parks, but it’s also one of the most visited National Parks. More than 2 million people explore Acadia each year and I think they were all there with us. While we loved the park, we didn’t love the crowds. We spent two weeks in Acadia … Continue reading »

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The Easternmost Point in the US!

We only spent a weekend in Lubec, Maine, but we wish we’d spent a couple of weeks. Lubec was founded in 1811 and was once the home of fishing fleets and smugglers, but is now known for being the easternmost point in the US. The area has 20 foot tides and has 96 miles of coastline…so … Continue reading »

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Clifftop, WV

We were in Clifftop for almost two weeks. We stayed at Babcock State Park and it was wonderful! Our first day in the area was pretty cold and misty. We’d heard about the grist mill so we went to check it out. It’s a gorgeous area. We walked in thinking we would take a look … Continue reading »

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Santa Fe Area Hiking

Hey y’all! We stayed in the Santa Fe area for two weeks and managed to squeeze an amazing amount of adventure into our time there. I’m going to break this area up into two different posts. This first post will be about the hiking we did. We spent an entire day at Bandelier National Monument! … Continue reading »

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Petrified Forest National Park

We spent a week in Holbrook, AZ so we could explore Petrified Forest National Park. Holbrook is a pretty small town right on Route 66. We had some below freezing temps while staying in Holbrook and saw some of the windiest days we’ve seen in Arizona. I would suggest coming to this area before November. … Continue reading »

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So Much Awesome

We spent two weeks in the Sedona/Verde Valley, AZ area and we get it now. We understand why people flock to this area. This area is a hiker’s dream. So many hikes…so little time! I think every cairn we saw had multiple hikes with arrows pointing you in the right direction. And then you’ve got … Continue reading »

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