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Cape Cod, MA

Posted by on September 13, 2016

Hey Guys!! We spent one crazy, busy week in the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts! I’d always heard how insane the traffic in Cape Cod can get, but it was so much worse than I ever imagined. There was a particular round-about that really mucked up the flow of traffic. It was hard to get in and out of it and it really caused a back up for several miles.


Other than the traffic issue…Cape Cod is a little slice of heaven on a beach.


We spent our first morning there at a Ranger Walk to learn about the beaches and sea life in the area. The boys loved the cool water after walking on the very hot sand.


The Ranger led us down the beach to see around 200 or so seals. Just FYI…great white sharks eat seals so if you see a bunch of seals taking refuge on a sand bar (and you’re in an area known to be home to great whites) chances are…there’s a shark somewhere close. Just something to think about.


We only had one full day in the area and we spent all of it beach hopping…trying to see as much of Cape Cod as possible. I’ll be honest here…we were also trying to get it done so we wouldn’t have to fight the traffic again. Yes…it really was that bad.


If you enjoy lighthouses this is your place. We visited three but spotted a few more.


We happen to be there on International Lighthouse Day. We tried our best to see all of the lighthouses Cape Cod had to offer.


This one was out on a point and it was sooooo windy! Super windy and parking was tight, but look how pretty it is!


We found a burger place…I know, I know… we have a thing about burgers. Some of you might call it an obsession, but we call it a way of life. This place though… It’s called The Knack. It’s definitely in our top 10.


Y’all know we love to take factory tours. We hadn’t been on a potato chip factory tour so we jumped on the chance to visit the Cape Cod Chip Factory!


For some reason, none of the factory tours allow photography. Which is such a bummer because this one was really neat. You shuffle down the hall where you get to watch a potato chip being made from start to finish.


I was allowed to take this picture of the first bag they used.


This tour is a self-guided, free tour and at the end you get this nifty little sample bag! Does anyone recognize the lighthouse on the bag from a picture earlier in this post? You can visit that exact lighthouse.


Besides some great beaches, we saw some amazing sunsets.


We were really close to Plymouth while we were in the Cape Cod area so we took an afternoon and went to visit the place where it all started. I’d heard it’s very touristy, but I really wasn’t prepared for just how much of a tourist trap it really is. We paid the extravagant price to see the MayflowerII. I wouldn’t suggest you do it. Just look at it from the outside and don’t bother going in. It’s really not worth it.


If you happen to be in the area, swing by and take a gander at Plymouth Rock. It’s…a small rock. It’s free to look at though! So, that’s a plus. It’s the only free thing in the area, I think.

So, here’s the thing. I get that people have to pay bills. I do. I get it. But why charge such outrageous prices for things that are being advertised as “family” and “educational”? There were a few other things in the area that were kind of all grouped with Plymouth and the Pilgrims and that whole piece of our history. You can look them up and make your own decisions…but read the reviews on them. Don’t just go to their website because they do a good job of making it look awesome. Read reviews. We chose not to go to the other things after we went to the Mayflower II.


There were a few pretties! I love these…they’re huge!


This one wasn’t completely bloomed out yet, but I love how delicate it looks.


You see the red dots? Those are actually seed pods from some flower that had already finished it’s bloom cycle. I think the red pods are just as pretty as the little purple flowers next to them and then the ocean behind them isn’t bad either.

All in all we loved the Cape Cod area! We will definitely go back…during the off season.

See y’all down the road!


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