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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Hopewell Furnace

Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site Mark Bird built Hopewell Furnace in 1771. At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, American furnaces, forges, and mills were making around one-seventh of the world’s iron works. During the Revolutionary War, Hopewell played a critical role in supplying the new nation’s army with weapons. George Washington chose the Valley … Continue reading »

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The Who, The Where, & The Why

I thought I would start our FAQ series with a question we get asked every time someone finds out we’re a full-time RV family. But first, I should probably tell you who we are (for those of you who don’t know us). We are Jerl and Jennie. We grew up living about a mile or … Continue reading »

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E Pluribus Unum…Out of Many, One

We took a day to explore Valley Forge National Historic Park in Pennsylvania. We have mixed feelings about historical interpreters. We’ve seen some that are disturbingly creepy, but the Ranger’s at Valley Forge were top notch and a wealth of information. The new country didn’t have an army when the revolution began. General George Washington … Continue reading »

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Harrisburg, PA

While we were staying in Gettysburg we made it to Harrisburg to see the State Capitol Building. We went on a Sunday to try and avoid all of the end of the school year tours. I think there were seven other people in our group…it was great! The Pennsylvania State Capitol Building is definitely the … Continue reading »

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Gettysburg, PA

We spent a week in Gettysburg. Most of the time the weather was cold and rainy which makes it hard to explore a battlefield. We did have a few hours here and there with decent weather. We crammed in as much as we could during those times. There are a few ways you can see the … Continue reading »

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Pizza Roundup Pies and Pints

For my fellow pizza lovers this is a post on Pies and Pints (our gps pronounces it Pees and Pnts instead). Pies and Pints is a pretty good pizza place near Charleston, WV with pizza sandwiches and more! I got the pork pizza and it was not all to great, I think it would have been better … Continue reading »

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Clifftop, WV

We were in Clifftop for almost two weeks. We stayed at Babcock State Park and it was wonderful! Our first day in the area was pretty cold and misty. We’d heard about the grist mill so we went to check it out. It’s a gorgeous area. We walked in thinking we would take a look … Continue reading »

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Milton, WV

We spent a week at the Huntington/Fox Fire KOA just outside of Charleston. It’s giving our favorite RV Park a run for it’s money. The owner’s are super friendly, and really care about your stay. The park is very clean and family friendly. The KOA has banana bikes in various sizes for all to enjoy … Continue reading »

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Ohio was still one of those skim states for us. We did get to stay a week, but we only went to one city. Columbus. We toured the capitol building. Notice there’s not a dome? But, when you go inside…surprise! It looks like there’s a dome! Apparently, they planned on putting a dome on the … Continue reading »

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