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Beach Bummer

Posted by on October 25, 2016

Hey Guys!! So…we stayed a week in Virginia Beach. A whole week to soak up all of the…errr….rain? Yup, it rained pretty much the entire week we were there. But! The show trip must go on!


On the way to Virginia Beach we had a first for us. We drove the RV through a tunnel that went under the water!


 It was kind of a long tunnel…and I’m not gonna lie…about half way through the tunnel I started worrying about what would happen if the tunnel sprung a leak. And then I started thinking about how if we were on the Walking Dead show, there would be tons of walkers in the tunnel. And right when panic started to make me get a little twitchy I saw the light at the end of the tunnel (literally) and we were exiting. I’m not sure I want to do another underwater tunnel with the RV again anytime soon.


You are looking at the only time we saw sun while in the VA Beach area. This is the Cape Henry lighthouse which is located on an active military base. I’m laughing as I write this because we didn’t realize we were going to an active base. Total planning fail on my part. So, when we pulled up and had to have our car searched and there were some pretty strict rules as to where we could and could not go/take pics…well, it was a new experience! And to be honest…we all thought it was pretty cool! Everyone we interacted with were very nice and polite and we never got the feeling that we were intruding or anything.


We stayed at a place called Holiday Tav-L-Park. This is what I thought we would end up getting. This is really a pretty basic kind of site.


This is what we got. This was our site. We laughed about the difference. Kind of funny what $30 more per night will get you…grass, concrete, and cable. This Rv park was huge! It had four pools, mini-golf, and various playgrounds. We would actually stay there again and if we ever make it back to the VA Beach area we probably will. The lack of grass didn’t bother us and we never watch cable anyway.


One of my HP friends lives in VA Beach and we got to meet up with her and her kiddos for dinner one night! *waves at friend* We had a great time meeting face-to-face for the first time while enjoying some tasty Mexican food! One of the neatest things about our #easternloop2016 has been seeing so many of my HP/FB friends. Our kiddos have been switching numbers and staying in touch too!


We did make it to the famous Neptune statue on VA Beach! The rain even held off long enough for us to snap a picture and take a look at the beach!


Virginia even gave us a rainbow on our last night there. We really enjoyed our time in Virginia and will visit the state again!

See y’all down the road!



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